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Health/Public Health Services 

We provide initial assessment of a project/service to our clients. To provide Quality Healthcare services, we:

  •  Conduct detail literature review and
    search from different scientific

       evidence-based medicine

       databases and sources.

  • Delivery of all material as per the contract agreement.

  • Implement management control of all project activities.

Management Services

We offer a variety of managment services for your business needs.

Miscellaneous Services

We accept ad-hoc projects/contracts  (1099 & W-2) and tailor them to your needs.

Internationally Renknown

We have worked with international organizations on different projects.

Number 1 .Remote Healthcare Managment Services in the Area

Alpha & Omega Healthcare Managment Consulting has been providing healthcare management consulting services remotely since 2009.

Doctor & Consultant

The business model was conceived by the Founder, President, CEO and Sr.Medical Director-Dr.Tripthi M. Mathew in 2005.

Providing Quality Healthcare Management Services

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Our Business Hours:

We are open 

M-F: 8:30am to 5:00pm EST

Sat & Sun Closed

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